Our line of Paver Flatbed Trailers is specially engineered for the rigorous demands and special loading requirements of hauling paving equipment. We only offer Paver Flatbed Trailers in our Deluxe model package. We start with a high tensile pierced main frame, add 10,000 lb. dual wheel electric brake axles with radial tires, and incorporate a long dovetail with 9’ bi-fold spring assisted ramps for a long, gradual loading angle. The bi-fold ramps have 3 springs per ramp. The long dovetail with the 9′ bi-fold ramps gives a total of 15′ of loading angle length to reach the top deck. This length is necessary due to the ground clearance needs involved with a paving machine. Hydraulic loading ramps are also available as an option on all Paver Flatbed Trailers and are highly recommended. The hydraulic ramps feature a fully self contained battery operated hydraulic pump system which minimizes user effort. Either ramp set-up is easy to use. The Hydraulic Paver ramps with 6′ dovetail option is available on any Kaufman Trailers AIR BRAKE Heavy Equipment Flatbed Trailer OR DELUXE Drop Deck Flatbed Trailer.

Deluxe Paver Flatbed Trailers

Kaufman’s Deluxe Paver Flatbed Trailers combines all our best features with a heavy duty frame. The medium paver model starts at a 25,900 lb. GVWR. This model has a 12″ pierced I-beam frame. The heavy duty paver model increases to a 14″ pierced I-beam frame. GVWR is still 25,900 lb. Two 10,000 lb. dual wheel electric brake axles with radial tires, 16″ pierced crossmember centers, and 6″ channel outer rail with stake pockets and rub rail are standard included features. The 38,500 GVWR  model has three 10,000 lb. dual wheel electric brake axles with radial tires, a 14″ I-beam mainframe, 16″ pierced crossmember centers, and 6″ channel outer rail. A pressure treated wood floor, and full reflective tape are included. A sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights assures trouble-free lighting on all Deluxe Paver Flatbed Trailers.

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