Custom Trailers

Kaufman Trailers is dedicated to supplying a broad line of standard model products to the industry in the most cost effective way. We purchase the raw materials that go into our trailers in large quantities. We also follow efficient production methods in our manufacturing processes to provide our valued customers with high quality, standard models at the lowest possible delivered cost.

We welcome custom trailer orders. However, to ensure that your custom trailer meets your expectations upon delivery, we employ a separate process for these orders. This process involves special supervision from start to finish to give assurance that all the details are right and your finished custom trailer meets the high standards that you have come to expect on a Kaufman Brand Trailer.

Kaufman Trailers offers a comprehensive assortment of commonly requested options, such as length variations, deck on the neck on gooseneck models, many running gear packages, radial tire upgrades, spare tire, etc. Any deviation from standard specifications and available options listed on our website changes your trailer to a custom order. To supervise the design and manufacturing of the changes to your trailer, and make sure we build it correctly, we add a custom trailer charge that starts at a base amount of $80 for simple changes and goes up to approximately $300 for complex customization. This covers the special supervision in our Custom Trailers shop of your modifications and, if necessary, CAD drawings of the changes and modifications to be performed. The extra materials and extra labor involved are added to the base Custom Trailer charge.

The Custom Trailer process is as follows:

  1. The sales representative will work out with you the changes you want and submit a Custom Trailer request. We process these once a day and your rep will respond back to you with a firm price for your Custom Trailer. This amount includes the Custom Trailer charge, CAD drawings (if needed), and the extra parts and labor involved in your Custom Trailer. If you want to pursue the custom modifications at this point, the next step is:
  2. We must have a non-refundable Custom Trailer deposit of 20%-35%, based on the price quoted by your sales representative.
  3. Once your deposit is received, your Custom Trailer Sales Order will be created in our system and sent to you for your approval and signature. Depending on the nature and scope of modifications, there may be a CAD drawing for your review and approval. This is to ensure that all changes and modifications are understood and can be accurately translated in our Custom Trailer shop.
  4. Depending on the number of Custom Trailers in production, additional time may be required to build your trailer.