For 35 years, Kaufman Trailers has been manufacturing and distributing quality Kaufman Trailers in Colorado. From light-duty utility trailers to heavy-haul car trailers, you are sure to find the perfect trailer for your needs at the right price.

Open Trailers in Colorado

We manufacture a comprehensive line of open trailers, most of which are available in standard or deluxe models. Choose the level that suits your needs so you’re only paying for what you need. Not sure which trailer to choose? Our customer service team is always happy to assist. 

Purchase An Open Trailer in Colorado

At Kaufman Trailers, we pride ourselves on keeping prices low and quality high. Since we are the manufacturer, there are never added markups on our products. Experience a trailer buying experience that is transparent and easy.  

Our nearest retail location is in Nebraska. However, we encourage you to check with our customer service representatives to ensure the model you are looking to purchase is available for pickup as our on-site availability changes often. If the model you want isn’t in stock, we will gladly ship your trailer to you. 

Deluxe 17000 GVWR Flatbed Gooseneck TrailerGooseneck Trailers

If you are looking for heavy haul equipment, we offer detachable gooseneck trailers up to 55-ton capacity. We also offer a full line of traditional gooseneck trailers in various styles. We deliver our gooseneck trailer line nationwide.

Equipment Trailers

Contractors and construction companies have come to depend on equipment trailers for their durability and reliability. Our durable equipment trailers can haul a variety of machines, debris, and scraps from landscaping projects.


Car trailer in ColoradoCar Trailers

We specialize in car trailers and have a large variety that allows you to choose from models that will haul one to six vehicles. No matter which option you select, our car haulers are lightweight and built to last.


flatbed trailerFlatbed Trailers

Kaufman Trailers manufactures six specific types of flatbed trailers for sale in Colorado, including our popular Air Brake Pintle Flatbed Trailer which is available with either spring-assisted or hydraulically lifted ramps.


Contact Kaufman Trailers in Colorado Today

Kaufman Trailers offers durable, long-lasting open trailers with a variety of features. We serve all areas of Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo. Talk to a sales representative today by calling 866-455-7444 and we will guide you through the ordering process.