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Sealed Trailer Wiring Harness Options

A trailer wiring harness that connects to a hauling vehicle, image for use for Kaufman Trailer's blog on sealed trailer wiring harness options

Join the trailer accessories experts at Kaufman Trailers as we explore the differences between these trailer wiring harness options. We’ll answer frequently asked questions about trailer wiring and let you know how our trailer supply company can help you with your purchase so you can make an educated decision on the best accessories for your trailer.

Advantages of a Gooseneck Trailer

Kaufman Trailer's gooseneck trailer model that includes a gooseneck tongue to hitch to a vehicle for heavy hauling, promoting the blog "Advantages of a Gooseneck Trailer."

A gooseneck trailer will not work for everyone; however, with how many options there are and how versatile the load capacities are, it’s likely that you can find the perfect hitch for your needs. For most workloads, gooseneck trailers can lower the number of trips, increase your load capacity, and even lower your maintenance costs. 

Top 5 Uses for Kaufman Utility Trailers

This equipment hauler is used for the blog, "What is a utility trailer used for?" and shows the wood-paneled floor of a standard model trailer.

Utility trailers feature an open-bed rather than an enclosed space, which makes them ideal for transporting a wide variety of materials and goods. While there are many uses for a utility trailer, here are some of the most popular ways people use their high-quality Kaufman utility trailer.