Gooseneck Trailers

Advantages of a Gooseneck Trailer

Kaufman Trailer's gooseneck trailer model that includes a gooseneck tongue to hitch to a vehicle for heavy hauling, promoting the blog "Advantages of a Gooseneck Trailer."

A gooseneck trailer will not work for everyone; however, with how many options there are and how versatile the load capacities are, it’s likely that you can find the perfect hitch for your needs. For most workloads, gooseneck trailers can lower the number of trips, increase your load capacity, and even lower your maintenance costs. 

Why a Gooseneck Trailer?

There are several fundamentally different types of hitch connections for utility, flatbed, and equipment trailers. These include ball coupler, pintle ring, king pin, and gooseneck ball attaching mechanisms. Gooseneck trailers are made specifically to hook to a ball in the center of a pickup truck bed. There are two significant advantages to this type of […]