Detachable Gooseneck Spring Ride TrailersMany times the question is asked how a gooseneck trailer compares to a tag-a-long or bumper hitch trailer. A similar question is what are the possible advantages of a gooseneck trailer? There are at least five good reasons to consider: 

Increased Stability of Gooseneck Trailers

First, is the increased stability factor which affords better operator control resulting in a safer unit on the highways. A bumper hitch trailer can exert tremendous leverage on the tow vehicle making it harder to recover from a ‘swerving’ situation. Because gooseneck trailers connect over top the rear axle of the tow vehicle, any lateral pressure is transferred directly to the ground through the truck tires. This also makes a gooseneck trailer safer when driving on curvy roads.

Gooseneck Trailers Offer Better Load Transfer and Weight Distribution

Secondly, a gooseneck trailer offers better load transfer, and weight distribution to the tow vehicle when loaded properly.Standard bumper hitch trailers typically allow a ten or fifteen percent hitch load while a gooseneck comfortably handles twenty or twenty-five percent weight transfer. Of course tongue weight is also affected by where the axles are placed under the trailer, and where the cargo is positioned on top of the trailer.Axle placement is nearly an art form at Kaufman Trailers which is why our trailers are famous for how well they pull behind a vehicle.

Enhanced Maneuverability of a Gooseneck Trailer

Enhanced maneuverability is the third major advantage of a gooseneck trailer. This is especially helpful when backing the trailer, or when there is limited space for making a u-turn.
One landscape contractor needed the flexibility to turn around in a cul-de-sac, and his new gooseneck trailer fit the bill perfectly.

Fifth Wheel Connections

The fourth reason is the ability to adapt the trailer to a fifth wheel connection. This gives the option of pulling the trailer with a semi tractor, or a standard truck equipped with a fifth wheel hitch.
This style may also be referred to as a kingpin hitch.

Gooseneck Trailers Are Rarely Stolen

Lastly, gooseneck trailers are not stolen as frequently as bumper hitch trailers because most thieves are not equipped with a gooseneck hitch.

This also applies to the good ole boy next door who just needs to ‘borrow the trailer for a couple days’.

Obviously a gooseneck trailer will not work for everyone. It is based on individual needs and requirements.For more information concerning this topic, please email or call one of the trained consultants at Kaufman Trailers 336-790-6880 or Don’t forget to join the Kaufman conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.