Many customers have asked, “What is the difference between a sealed wiring harness, and the standard trailer wiring?”  The standard electrical system consists of three plastic coated wires in a plastic sheath which the finishers pull off a big reel, string through the wire holders under the trailer, and then use butt connectors to the lights.  This system is not covered under warranty.

The sealed wiring harness is a pre-manufactured unit made by Sealco.  It uses a heavier guage wire, and has a heavy duty rubber coating with plug-in connections that are sealed against moisture, dirt, and corrosion.  This system also comes with a one-year warranty from Sealco Manufacturing.

The following Kaufman trailers come standard with sealed wiring: all air brake trailers, and the open-center gooseneck or tag-a-long two-car haulers.  Sealed wiring is optional on all wedges, equipment deckovers, and the 22 foot tilt trailer.

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