Kaufman Trailers manufactures a full line of flatbed trailers for sale in six different unique styles. “Flatbed Trailers” is defined as having the deck over the tires with no fenders. There are usually stake pockets and rub rail down the sides of the trailer. Our standard flatbed line is offered with GVWR’s ranging from 14,000 to 25,000 lb. Our heavy equipment models are built with heavy duty pierced frame construction and airbrake axles with GVWR’s up to 62,000. We are especially proud of our drop deck line. These models feature high tensile, fabricated main frames with 24 ft. of frame depth, and are the standard of the industry. Our pavers have heavy duty pierced main frame I-beams and either spring assisted bi-fold 9 ft. ramps or hydraulic ramps. This makes for easy loading of paver equipment. For really heavy hauling, we also offer Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in spring and air ride with up to 55 tons of capacity.

Flatbed Trailers – Styles

Flatbed: This family of flatbed trailers is offered with 7,000 or 8,000 lb. single wheel axles or 10,000 lb. dual wheel axles. The high tensile I-beam mainframe is a single piece, cold formed tongue and frame. Single wheel models have 7,000 lb. axles with heavy-duty slipper spring suspension. An 8,000 lb. axle/17.5 in. tire upgrade is a popular option. Our 10,000 lb. axle, dual wheel, versions are among our most popular models. This line is available in a wide range of medium and heavy-duty versions. Swing-up loading ramps with a wood or cleated dovetail are standard on every flatbed trailer. A pop-up dovetail is a popular option. A treated wood floor with stake pockets and rub rails are always standard included features on Kaufman flatbed trailers.

DELUXE: Deluxe flatbed trailers combine ALL of our best features which include: frame upgrades with closer crossmember spacing and heavier outer rails. Pierced frame is an upgrade on dual wheel models. A U.S made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lighting gives you long lasting value.

DELUXE Paver: Kaufman’s paver flatbed trailers are specially engineered for the rigorous demands and the special loading requirements for hauling paving equipment. We start with a high tensile pierced I-beam main frame, add 10,000 lb. dual wheel axles with radial tires, and incorporate a long dovetail with 9 ft. bi-fold spring assisted ramps. This makes a long, gradual loading angle for paving equipment with low ground clearance. We also offer hydraulic loading ramps as an option on all paver models.

Heavy Equipment: Air brake axles with low profile 17.5 in. radial tires and Hutchens suspension are standard on all our heavy equipment flatbed trailers. Pierced main frame I-beams, oak flooring, a toolbox with a lockable lid, and a US made sealed wiring harness with rubber mounted LED lights, and a dovetail with spring assisted loading ramps are standard features on this model lineup.

Drop Deck: Kaufman drop deck flatbed trailers start with our basic mill beam model. Our DELUXE line is constructed with high tensile, cambered, 24 in. fabricated mainframe beams. Air brake axles with low profile 17.5 in. radial tires and a Hutchens suspension provide a long lasting running gear. Pierced frame construction, oak flooring, a US made sealed wiring harness with rubber mounted LED lights, and dovetail with spring assisted loading ramps are standard features on this line of flatbed trailers.

Gooseneck: Kaufman’s flatbed trailer family is also available in gooseneck hitch versions and are featured in our gooseneck trailer family.

Lowboy Detachable Gooseneck Trailers: Kaufman Trailers offers a full line of lowboy detachable gooseneck trailers – sometimes referred to as Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN). Capacities range from 35 to 55 tons in two and three axle models. We offer both spring ride and air ride. This Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN) family is built to the highest standards with premium components throughout.

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