Deluxe Flatbed Trailer (Stacked Crossmembers)

Available in 16,000 and 24,000 GVWR’s, the Stacked Frame Deluxe Flatbed Trailer line is available in models with 7,000lb., 8,000lb., and 10,000lb. dual wheel axles. The following frame and running gear combinations are available:

16,000 GVWR – Features two 7,000 lb. axles with a W10″ I-beam mainframe at 12PPF available in 22′, 24, and 26′, 28′, and 30′ lengths. The frame upgrades to 12″ I Beam at 16PPF for 35 length. A Torque Tube is included on the 35′ length. Cross members are on 18″ centers with a 6″ outer rail. An 8,000 lb. axle/17.5” tire upgrade is a popular option upgrade. The 8,000lb. axle upgrade is required for 35′ length on this model.

24,000 GVWR – Features two 10,000 lb. dual wheel axles with a W12″ I-beam mainframe at 16PPF in 24′ and 28′ lengths. Cross members are on 18″ centers with a 6″ outer rail.

Deluxe Pierced Flatbed Trailer

This model features our best frame construction with pierced frame cross members, channel outter rails, steel plate over the tires, and cleated dovetail. It is offered in:

25,900 GVWR – Two 10,000 lb. or 12,000 lb. dual wheel axles, 12″ I-beam mainframe at 16 PPF in 25′ and 30′ lengths, and 19 PPF for 35′ length. 16″ pierced cross member centers, and 6″ channel outer rail.

38,000 GVWR – Two 15,000 lb. dual wheel axles, 14″ I-beam mainframe at 26 PPF, 16″ pierced cross member centers with 4″ channel cross members, and 8″ channel outer rail. 17.5″ radial tires.

A pressure treated wood floor, sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights, safety chains and full reflective tape are included on all Kaufman Deluxe Flatbed trailers.