Standard Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer

A Standard Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer features a lighter frame with conventional wiring. This is the biggest difference from the Deluxe models. The 14,000 GVWR model has a 10″ I-beam frame with two 7,000 lb. axles, slipper spring suspension, and 20′ of flat deck with a 4′ dovetail. The channel cross members are on 24″ centers with 4″ outer rails. Our medium duty 22,500 GVWR gooseneck trailer is available with three 7,000 lb. axles or  two 10,000 lb. axles and has a 12″ I-beam frame with channel cross members on 24″ centers and 6″ outer rails. A tool tray with lockable lid and swing-up loading ramps are standard on every flatbed gooseneck trailer. Lay flat wedge shaped ramps are available as an option. A pop-up dovetail is also a popular flatbed gooseneck trailer option.

Deluxe Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer

Available from 17,000 to 38,000 GVWR, the Deluxe Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer line combines all our best features with a heavy duty frame. The following frame and running gear combinations are available: 17,000 GVWR – Two 7,000 lb. axles with a 10″ I-beam mainframe, 18″ crossmember centers, and 6″ outer rail. An 8,000 lb. axle/17.5” tire upgrade is a popular option. 25,000 GVWR – Three 7,000 lb. axles with a 12″ I-beam mainframe, 16″ stacked crossmember centers, and 6″ outer rail. 25,000 GVWR – Two 10,000 lb. or 12,000 lb. dual wheel axles, 12″ I-beam mainframe, 16″ pierced crossmember centers, and 6″ channel outer rail. 30,000 GVWR – Two 12,000 lb. dual wheel axles, 14″ I-beam mainframe, 16″ pierced crossmember centers, and 6″ channel outer rail. 38,000 GVWR – Two 16,000 lb. dual wheel axles, 14″ I-beam mainframe 26 PPF, 16″ pierced crossmember centers with 4″ channel crossmembers, and 8″ channel outer rail. 17.5″ radial tires, a pressure treated wood floor, and full reflective tape are included. A sealed modular wiring harness with lifetime LED lights assures trouble-free lighting on every Deluxe Flatbed Gooseneck Trailer.

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