For over 36 years, families and businesses have turned to Kaufman Trailers for open trailers in Delaware. From design to distribution, care and craftsmanship goes into every trailer to ensure durability and smooth transportation. Not sure what you need? Our customer service team is available to help you choose the type of trailer you need with the features you want.

Choosing an Open Trailer

Kaufman Trailers offers a complete product line of open trailers, and each type has several style options and product segments available.

Our team can help you look at the options and choose the best segment to match your work and fit your budget.

Ordering Your Open Trailer in Delaware

At Kaufman Trailers, we are dedicated to reducing cost and hassle when it comes to getting your trailer, particularly with delivery. You can choose one of two ways to get your trailer. 

  1. Pick it up at our plant in either Lexington, North Carolina or Bennettsville, South Carolina – depending on where it is built.
  2. Choose delivery to your home or business. To ensure cost-efficient, safe delivery, we ship out multiple trailers at once from our plant.
Detachable Gooseneck Trailers in Delaware

Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

Detachable gooseneck trailers make it safe and convenient to transport machinery and equipment up to 55 tons. With lower load and transport height, equipment is easier to move on and off the trailer and it’s safer and more stable during transportation.

Dump Trailers

With heavy-duty channel construction, our low-profile dump trailers can stand up to years of heavy use while radial tires ensure a smooth ride. Our deluxe dump trailers include several convenience features including scissor lifts and LED lighting.

Car Trailers

Kaufman Trailers is best known for our car trailers. Whether you’re moving one or six vehicles, our models are lightweight and easy to tow while offering top-tier security and safety for your vehicles.

Enclosed Trailers for Sale in Delaware

Enclosed Trailers

Manufactured using heavy square and rectangular tube construction, our enclosed trailers are made for heavy use both inside and out. We offer single axle cargo trailers up to 8.5-foot wide car haulers, with every trailer built for a smooth drive.

Equipment Trailers

When you need to move skid steers, tractors, and other heavy-duty machinery, choose from our line of equipment trailers in Delaware. Each one is built with rugged, sturdy frames made from iron and diamond plate fenders so you can rely on its stability and durability when transporting equipment.

Flatbed Trailers

We carry many styles of flatbed trailers available across six different types. Each option is free of fenders with a deck built over the tires while GVWRs range from 14,000 to 62,000.

Gooseneck Trailers for Sale in Delaware

Gooseneck Trailers

Our gooseneck trailers are available in several sought-after styles and GVWR weight ranges. From single wheel flatbeds to 55-ton capacity landscape haulers, you can find the right trailer to fit your needs.

Log Trailers

When you need a log trailer, we offer all three industry standard configurations, including straight frame, plantation, and flat top with sliding bolsters. Each type is constructed with fully fabricated main frame beams, crossmembers, and continuous formed bolster caps. Our extra detail and focus on quality yields a superior product that ensures safer, smoother transportation.

Utility Trailers

We have both single and tandem axle utility trailers designed for moving landscaping equipment, including lawn mowers. Available in several capacities ranging to heavy-duty 17,000 GVWR and lengths, you can get these popular open trailers in the exact size you need.

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