Kaufman Trailers marks over 35 years of industry leadership, and we’re thrilled to serve the West Virginia community. Our trailer supply facility has been a key part of our journey since 2006, providing a diverse array of open trailers tailored for the rugged Appalachian terrain.

From light-duty utility trailers perfect for day-to-day tasks to heavy-haul detachable gooseneck trailers and specialized car haulers, our West Virginia trailer service prides itself on delivering products that are both robust and reliable. 

Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia is your go-to source for trailers that are not only built to last but also come at prices that make quality accessible for all.

Finding Your Perfect Trailer in West Virginia

Here in West Virginia, Kaufman Trailers specializes in producing a broad range of open trailers, each crafted with precision to meet diverse needs and industry segments. Our team of expert sales representatives is devoted to delivering outstanding service, helping you select a trailer that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements for hauling and transport.

Whether your purpose is business-related or for leisure, we have an unmatched selection of trailers ready to handle any challenge. Experience unmatched quality and individualized care at our West Virginia location, your premier destination for exceptional open trailers.

Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

In West Virginia, Kaufman Trailers is proud to present our detachable gooseneck trailers, embodying our commitment to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. Capable of supporting loads up to 55 tons, these trailers are meticulously assembled at our advanced Heavy Haul plant in South Carolina. They are engineered to effortlessly manage the most arduous hauling jobs.

At our West Virginia facility, you will find these heavy-duty gooseneck trailers, which are synonymous with durability and high performance. Designed to meet the challenges of West Virginia’s diverse hauling needs and landscapes, our trailers are the preferred choice for your heavy-duty transportation requirements.

Car Trailers

At Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia, we take pride in our diverse range of car trailers, each engineered for the efficient transportation of one to six vehicles. Catering to your unique vehicle hauling requirements, our car haulers are constructed to be feather-light yet remarkably durable.

Opting for Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia means choosing first-rate car trailers that excel in both resilience and longevity. This allows you to transport your vehicles with ease and confidence, ensuring a smooth and reliable hauling experience every time.

Equipment Trailers

Turn to Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia for robust solutions in transporting heavy equipment like skid steers, mini excavators, and trenchers. Our equipment trailers are engineered for supreme durability and consistent reliability, allowing you to focus on your tasks with peace of mind.

At Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia, we are dedicated to your satisfaction. We offer a range of equipment trailers that are tailor-made for the rigors of heavy hauling, ensuring that you have a reliable tool for all your demanding transportation needs.

Gooseneck Trailers

Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia presents a superb collection of gooseneck trailers, specifically designed to fulfill your varied hauling demands. Choose from a range of configurations, including deckover, flatbed, car hauler, and fender style trailers, available in options of equipment tilt or fixed bed with swing-up ramps.

Our comprehensive lineup includes six unique styles and various weight ranges, simplifying the process of finding the ideal gooseneck trailer for your tasks. At Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia, your satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure you receive exceptional gooseneck trailers that offer unparalleled performance and reliability for your hauling projects.

Flatbed Trailers

In West Virginia, Kaufman Trailers presents an extensive range of flatbed trailers, ideal for transporting various types of cargo. Our lineup includes six distinct flatbed trailer models with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) ranging from 14,000 to 62,000, ensuring you get a trailer that fits your specific hauling needs perfectly.

Our flatbed trailers are designed for convenience, featuring hydraulically lifted and spring-assisted ramps for easy loading and unloading. The 8ft. knife-edge paver ramps are a favorite among paving contractors in West Virginia, enabling simple raising and lowering with a single button push.

At our West Virginia location, Kaufman Trailers is devoted to offering you premium deckover flatbed trailers that provide unmatched convenience and reliability for transporting all kinds of cargo.

Contact Kaufman Trailers in West Virginia Today

At Kaufman Trailers, we specialize in offering an extensive array of durable and well-equipped open trailers to accommodate your transportation needs. Serving Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington, and all other cities in West Virginia, we ensure that you get the best service.

Our open trailers are built for longevity and come equipped with all necessary features.

Reach out to us today by dialing 866-455-7444 to consult with our expert sales representatives. We are committed to assisting you in finding the ideal open trailer that combines affordability, durability, and efficient performance.