Trailers for Sale in Wisconsin

Celebrating over 35 years of excellence in trailer solutions, Kaufman Trailers is delighted to bring our expertise to Wisconsin. Our facility, established in 2006, has been instrumental in crafting a wide range of open trailers, ideal for Wisconsin’s diverse environmental conditions.

At Kaufman Trailers, we cater to Wisconsin’s unique hauling needs with a selection that includes everything from lightweight utility trailers to heavy-duty detachable gooseneck trailers and versatile car haulers. 

We’re dedicated to providing Wisconsin’s hardworking residents with trailers that are not only durable and reliable but also affordable, ensuring that quality is never out of reach.

Selecting Your Open Trailer in Wisconsin

Kaufman Trailers is dedicated to providing high-quality trailers at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value, balancing premium quality with cost-effectiveness. As manufacturers, we cut out dealer markups, guaranteeing a straightforward, wallet-friendly purchasing process. Purchasing from us means getting the precise trailer you need, without unnecessary dealer charges.

In Wisconsin, we appreciate the importance of offering accessible options to our customers. While our Wisconsin facility produces a range of models, not all may be immediately available. To check the availability of the trailer you desire, please contact our committed sales team at 866-455-7444.

Our professionals will guide you in choosing the right trailer, focusing on your specific needs like load capacity and weight distribution. Whether you prefer to collect your trailer at our Wisconsin site or opt for shipping along with other freight, we provide simple and cost-efficient delivery options.

Detachable Gooseneck Trailers

In Wisconsin, our detachable gooseneck trailers from Kaufman Trailers showcase our unwavering commitment to excellence and top-tier quality. With a capacity reaching up to 55 tons, these trailers are skillfully manufactured at our specialized Heavy Haul plant in South Carolina, ensuring they can handle even the most challenging hauling tasks.

At the Wisconsin branch of Kaufman Trailers, we provide these high-capacity gooseneck trailers, known for their extraordinary durability and operational efficiency. No matter the magnitude of your hauling project, our trailers are engineered to conquer Wisconsin’s varied terrains and demanding transport needs, establishing them as the top choice for your heavy hauling demands.

Car Trailers

Our Wisconsin facility at Kaufman Trailers offers a splendid collection of car trailers, each designed for the effective hauling of one to six vehicles. Tailored to meet various vehicle transporting needs, our car haulers are built to be both ultralight and incredibly strong.

Selecting Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin means you’re choosing premium car trailers that are the epitome of durability and lasting performance. This choice guarantees a hassle-free vehicle transportation experience, allowing you to transport your vehicles with utmost ease and reliability.

Equipment Trailers

Choose Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin for trustworthy equipment trailers, ideal for hauling skid steers, mini excavators, trenchers, and various heavy-duty machinery. Each of our trailers is carefully designed to offer outstanding durability and unwavering reliability, enabling you to tackle your projects worry-free.

At our Wisconsin location, Kaufman Trailers places a high value on your satisfaction. We offer equipment trailers that are built to handle all your heavy hauling challenges, providing you with a dependable solution for your most demanding transport requirements.

Gooseneck Trailers

At Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin, we showcase a distinguished collection of gooseneck trailers, designed to accommodate your specific hauling needs. Our range features various models including deckover, flatbed, car hauler, and fender style trailers, with options like equipment tilt or fixed bed with swing-up ramps.

This extensive selection encompasses six different styles and weight categories, facilitating an effortless search for the ideal gooseneck trailer for your activities. At Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin, we focus on your satisfaction, providing top-tier gooseneck trailers that deliver unmatched performance and dependability for all your hauling requirements.

Flatbed Trailers

At Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin, we offer a diverse selection of flatbed trailers, each designed to accommodate a wide range of cargo types. Our portfolio includes six different flatbed trailer varieties, with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) from 14,000 to 62,000, tailored to match your specific hauling demands.

These trailers are outfitted with convenient features like hydraulically lifted and spring-assisted ramps, making loading and unloading effortless. Our 8ft. knife-edge paver ramps are particularly favored by paving contractors in Wisconsin, thanks to their ease of use with a simple button press.

Dedicated to your needs, Kaufman Trailers in Wisconsin provides top-quality deckover flatbed trailers, ensuring exceptional convenience and reliability for all your cargo transportation requirements.

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Kaufman Trailers provides a wide selection of strong and feature-rich open trailers tailored to meet your transportation demands. Located in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, or elsewhere in Wisconsin? We’ve got your needs covered.

Our open trailers are crafted for durability and include all the vital features you’re looking for.

Call us today at 866-455-7444 to speak with our experienced sales representatives. We are dedicated to helping you select the best open trailer that offers affordability, durability, and top-notch performance for your tasks.