Our Detachable Gooseneck Ag Trailers have impressed the industry with their versatility and competitive pricing.  We don’t believe hauling over width agricultural equipment should bankrupt the farmer.  We’ve fine-tuned the design and invested in our own aluminum extrusions for the perfect aluminum slide out outrigger. This durable assembly combines strength and weight reduction. You won’t be disappointed!  The results are a full 27” extension on each side with convenient stops at 24”, 18”, and 12” to haul equipment that may not be as wide but needs more capacity at each outrigger.  With a flat deck over the rear for hauling implements, 18”, 20”, and 24” available deck heights, well lengths up to 33.5’, and the option for adding a flip axle, you’ll be hard pressed to find a piece of equipment this trailer won’t haul.

The gooseneck on Kaufman’s Detachable Gooseneck Ag Trailers is hydraulic powered, self-lifting, and self-aligning. It always slides easily into the V-Shaped alignment trough which is included on all our lowboy trailers. Our hydraulic controlled truck rest eliminates the need to manually block the neck during the detachment process. The custom built heavy duty hydraulic cylinders are made in the U.S. and provide the perfect combination of power and convenience. Our increased cylinder stroke means you will be able to raise the trailer chassis as high as 16” – 20” off the ground depending on fifth wheel height. The easily adjustable heavy duty hinged compression block assembly provides approximately four inches of ride height adjustment depending on the length of the gooseneck. We offer multiple gooseneck lengths that are available in 6” increments. We can help you find the perfect length neck to fit your truck.

Our Detachable Gooseneck Ag Trailers include a long list of standard features such as a heavy duty chain tray, all LED lighting, a self-contained amber strobe kit, a U.S made all sealed Sealco wiring harness, 11 pairs of D-Rings, 2” nominal air dried white oak decking, 3rd air lift axle (3-axle air rides only), and a manual ride height override (air ride only).