Loading and hauling paving equipment on Kaufman Trailers Detachable Gooseneck Paver Special Trailer is so convenient you will think your equipment was designed around our trailer! Ranging from 35 to 55 Tons in capacity you’ll be hauling all your paving equipment more quickly and efficiently than ever before. The tapered beam and sliding front flip over ramps will give you an unsurpassed loading angle at the front of the trailer. The rear transition to the deck over the axles is at 16 degrees of angle. This allows much more flexibility when loading those low ground clearance pavers, milling machines, and rollers over the rear of the trailer. The full width solid oak deck allows for narrow rollers to be hauled in the center of trailer.

The hydraulic powered detachable gooseneck is self-lifting and self-aligning. It slides easily into the V-Shaped alignment trough which is included on all our lowboy trailers. Our hydraulic controlled truck rest further aids in easy hook up by eliminating the need to manually block the neck during the detachment process. The custom built heavy duty hydraulic cylinders provide the perfect combination of power and convenience. With our increased cylinder stroke you will be able to raise the trailer chassis as high as 16” – 20” off the ground depending on fifth wheel height. Our easily adjustable heavy duty hinged compression block assembly will provide approximately four inches of ride height adjustment depending on the length of the gooseneck. Multiple gooseneck lengths are available in 6” increments on the Detachable Gooseneck Paver Special Trailer which means you’re sure to find the perfect neck length to fit your needs.

Included in the list of standard options on the Detachable Gooseneck Paver Special Trailer are the lockable toolbox, flat load bearing deck over the axles, heavy duty swing-out outriggers, 9 pairs of D-Rings, 2” nominal air dried white oak decking, 3rd air lift axle (3-axle air rides only) and a 22” fully loaded deck height. The lifetime all LED lighting, self-contained amber strobe kit, and an U.S. made all sealed Sealco wiring harness assure trouble free lighting in any weather conditions.