A utility trailer is attached to the hitch of a truck or other heavy-duty hauling automobile. Utility trailers are one of the most common types of trailers people invest in due to their versatility, but many may have the question: What is a utility trailer used for? Our experts at Kaufman Trailers are sharing the top five uses for our utility trailers.

Utility trailers feature an open bed rather than an enclosed space, which makes them ideal for transporting a wide variety of materials and goods. While there are many utility trailer uses, here are some of the most popular ways people use their high-quality Kaufman utility trailer.

1. Using a Utility Trailer for Lawn Care Equipment

This equipment hauler is used for the blog, "What is a utility trailer used for?" and shows the wood-paneled floor of a standard model trailer.

Utility trailers are commonly used in landscaping businesses. They are used to haul lawn care equipment, such as mowers and trimmers. Some trailers are even outfitted with a small deck, which can be used to hold the equipment while it is being transported. This is a helpful feature, as it keeps the equipment off of the ground and prevents any damage that might occur if it were to be transported on the back of a truck.

Kaufman utility trailers are available in standard and deluxe models. Standard utility trailers include an all-tubing tailboard, sealed beam lights, steps on the fenders, and reflective tape. Deluxe models offer the same features as the standard model with the addition of upgraded 15-inch premium West Lake radial tires, square tubing top rails, and LED sealed beam lights. Whether you choose a standard or deluxe model, both feature a spring assist on the landscape gate. This makes loading and unloading landscaping equipment from your small utility trailer seamless.

You can read more about the differentiating features of standard utility trailers vs deluxe utility trailers here. 

2. Carrying Vehicles or Small Tractors

When considering what a utility trailer is used for, one common example is that these trailers are often used to transport vehicles and small tractors. Kaufman’s flatbed style utility trailer is one of our most versatile products.

This flatbed utility trailer has adjustable loading ramps that slide in from the rear of the trailer. Since the width of the trailer’s loading ramp is adjustable, this type of small utility trailer can securely haul a variety of small equipment. This includes equipment such as a narrow 4-wheeler, a small garden tractor, or even a full-width pickup truck. The utility trailer’s stake pockets are convenient for tying down your equipment, or you can use them to mount removable wood sides.

Whether you’re hauling vehicles or equipment, Kaufman’s flatbed utility trailers are built to last.

3. Using a Utility Trailer to Pick Up Building Supplies

Utility trailers uses extend to home improvement projects. Both professional construction workers and DIY homeowners can benefit from the ease and convenience of using utility trailers to pick up building materials for a home renovation project. You can easily transport your materials, such as lumber and drywall, from your local home improvement store to your home or construction site.

Oftentimes, flatbed utility trailers are a popular choice among homeowners and construction workers because they feature a floor that is even with the top of the frame. This makes it easier to lift supplies into the trailer using a forklift and get the forks back out.

Our Kaufman utility trailers easily accommodate wood sides, which come in handy for hauling away old roofing material and debris from a work site to the landfill. Plus, they can be towed behind a car or truck, making it easy to take them wherever they are needed.

4. Hauling ATVs & Recreational Vehicles

Whether you are an avid outdoor sportsman, a hunter, or enjoy camping trips, a trailer makes it so much easier to transport all your gear from your house to your destination. You can easily haul everything you need without having to worry.

Kaufman utility trailers are available in single axle models, which are perfect for hauling lighter loads, such as camping or fishing gear. We also offer tandem axle utility trailers which are suitable for hauling recreational vehicles such as ATVs, golf carts, dirt bikes, or motorcycles. Both our single and tandem-axle models feature a full-width landscape gate to make loading and unloading easy. Plus, the gate ensures your belongings are safely secured on the journey ahead.

Regardless of what your outdoor utility trailer is used for, our recreational equipment haulers are built to last, affordable, and customizable. Transporting all your gear will be a breeze, as your Kaufman utility trailer helps keep you organized and prepared for whatever adventure awaits.

5. Utility Trailer Uses for Moving Furniture and Appliances

Kaufman’s trailers can make moving easier than ever, as a common utility trailer use is to transport furniture, appliances, and more. Our furniture dollies easily roll right up to the full-width mesh gate on the trailer for easy loading and unloading. Utility trailers can be a cheaper and easier option than hiring a moving company. Plus, you can use them over and over again for future moves, which makes them a great asset. 

In addition, you can haul more items at once, as well as larger items, than you could with a pickup truck. This includes furniture such as dressers, dining tables, and box springs, as well as appliances like washing machines and more. If you are cleaning out your house and need to transport a large amount of furniture or appliances to the recycling center, a utility trailer makes it so much easier to haul and easily unload your belongings.

With easy trailer-to-hitch hookups and long lasting durability, Kaufman’s utility trailers are the perfect choice for an array of moving jobs. 

Choose Kaufman Trailers for Your Utility Trailer Needs

Utility trailers are the most popular trailer choice due to their versatility and durability. Whether you need to move your belongings to a new house, need extra space to transport your camping equipment, or need a durable way to move construction materials, Kaufman’s utility trailers are the perfect tool for the job.

We offer single, tandem, and wood floor flatbed trailer options, as well as selections for standard or deluxe models, all with the option to upgrade. If you need help choosing the perfect utility trailer or have questions about utility trailer uses, we are equipped with more than 30 years of experience and are happy to help you choose the right one.

Call us today at 866-455-7444 and one of our sales reps will be happy to assist you in finding the best utility trailer for your needs.