A utility trailer is the most common, generic type of trailer. Kaufman Trailers offers utility trailers in single axle and tandem axle, in both the landscape style with a full-width loading gate or flatbed style with rear slide-in loading ramps.

Kaufman Utility Trailer

While there are many uses for a utility trailer, here are some of the most popular ways people use their high-quality Kaufman utility trailers.

1. Hauling Lawn Care Equipment

This is the number one utility trailer use. Whether you are still in high school and mowing lawns for some extra money, or run a full landscaping crew, Kaufman Trailers has a landscape utility trailer for you. All Kaufman utility trailers – Standard and Deluxe – feature spring assist on the landscape gate. If you load and unload your landscape equipment multiple times a day, this is a great back-saving feature.

2. Carrying Vehicles or Small Tractors

Kaufman’s flatbed style utility trailer is one of our most versatile products. The loading ramps slide in from the rear of the trailer. The adjustable width of the ramps can accommodate a narrow 4-wheeler, small garden tractor, or a full width pickup truck. Stake pockets are convenient for tying down your equipment or you can use them to mount removable wood sides.

3. Picking Up Building Supplies

Contractors, do-it-yourself homeowners, as well as home improvement professionals alike, depend on utility trailers for picking up lumber and supplies from the store and transporting to the work site or home. Our flatbed style utility trailer is perfect for this application. The floor is even with the top of the frame, which means if your supplies are being loaded with a forklift it is easy to set the pallet on the trailer and get the forks back out. This utility trailer easily accommodates wood sides, which come in handy for hauling away old roofing material and debris from a work site to the landfill.

4. Hauling ATVs & Recreational Vehicles

Kaufman utility trailers in both landscape and flatbed style are great for hauling your hunting ATV to the woods or your other toys – such as a golf car, dirt bike or full size motorcycles from point A to point B.

5. Moving Furniture and Appliances

Moving to a new home is a breeze with a utility trailer. Furniture dollies easily roll right up the full-width mesh gate onto the trailer for easy loading and unloading. You can also haul more and larger items than you could with a pickup including dressers, washing machines, dining tables, and more. Are you looking for a reliable utility trailer? Give us a call today at 866-455-744. Our friendly, well-trained customer service staff can help you find the right utility trailer for whatever you need to use it for!