G.V.W.R.85,000 lbs. (Capacity 70,000 lbs. rated in 12 ft. bed span or greater)
ElectricalSealco US made sealed wiring harness, lifetime LED lights, amber strobe kit standard
Frame22" tall, cambered main beams, fabricated with 100 KSI (T1) and 80 KSI high tensile steel. Heavy Duty 8" Outside Rails with deck supporting crossmembers at 12" O.C.
DovetailPremium Kaufman Smooth Radius Dovetail. Diamond Plate Steel with traction cleats included. Self Cleaning Dove-tail available.
Upper DeckFlat Load Bearing Deck over the Gooseneck with 17 degree low slope steel access ramps and traction cleats.
Side RailHeavy Duty 8" Side Rail reinforced at 48" O.C. with In-Frame and Triangular Gusset back to main Beam
TongueHi-Yield Fully formed 3/8" thick fifth wheel plate sitting in reinforced fabricated main frame gooseneck beams
Tires255/70 R22.5 LRH
Floors2" Oak Flooring (Center Decking Included) Apitong available upon request
CouplerSAE 2" Kingpin (18.25" Kingpin Setting)
Safety ChainsN/A
Ramps66" Spring assist Ramps standard, 96" Hydraulic ramps available
Tie DownsForged D-Rings
Deck Length27'-0" Flat Deck Length
Deck Height38" Deck Height (Fully Loaded)
Deck Width102" (Expandable to 126" with optional outriggers)
FendersFull Length Heavy Duty Load Bearing Fenders with Traction Cleats
Lower Deck27' Main Deck
BrakesAll wheel 16.5" x 7" air brakes, automatic slack adjusters, and 2S/1M ABS
Wheels10 hole steel disc / hub piloted (Aluminum Wheels Optional)
JackHeavy Duty 2 speed landing gear with Sand Shoes
Axles2-25,000 lb. axles (5" round, 5/8" wall thickness)
SuspensionHeavy Duty 3 leaf Spring Ride Suspension, Air Ride Suspension available upon request
ToolboxToolbox lid over fifth wheel plate and small toolbox at rear tail skirt between ramps
FinishSherwin Williams Premium Acrylic Urethane over a Premium Two Part Epoxy Primer