Fixed Neck Construction Series Low Boy Trailer

Kaufman Trailers manufactures a full line of fixed neck lowboy trailers for sale with varying lengths, loading options and capacities. “Fixed Neck Lowboy Trailers” are a product line within our heavy haul lowboy trailer series that is designed to be slightly more maneuverable and economical than our detachable neck lowboy series. Loading over the rear of the trailer can be difficult with the heavier, taller equipment on the market today but some users require the shorter turn radius that comes with a shorter kingpin to axle measurement. We combat the difficulty of loading over the rear by offering our smooth radius dovetail as a standard feature.  This will allow your heavy equipment to continually ease over the dovetail without crashing down on the upper deck when the center of gravity on your equipment “tips” over the dovetail break. Our fixed neck lowboy trailers lineup is offered in capacities of 35 tons in Tandem and 50 tons in tri-axle configurations. We offer both spring and air ride suspensions as well as many other customizable options.

Included in the list of standard options on the Fixed Neck Lowboy Trailer are the lockable toolbox, flat load bearing deck over the axles, Heavy Duty D-Rings along the side-rails, flat load bearing deck over the gooseneck with low slope access ramps, 2” nominal air-dried white oak decking, and a smooth radius dovetail for safer, easier loading. The lifetime all LED lighting and a U.S. made all sealed Sealco wiring harness assures trouble free lighting in any weather conditions.