Kaufman Trailers offers all styles of utility trailers. This trailer family is divided into two distinct styles: landscape utility trailers, in both single axle and tandem axle versions, and wood floor utility trailers. The landscape versions, whether single axle or tandem, all have a raised top rail and a landscape style gate. The wood floor utility trailers have a flat bed, no railings, and slide-in ramps.

Single Axle Landscape Utility Trailers are available in the following sizes: 60”x8’, 60”x10’, 60”x12’, 60”x14’, 77”x10’, and 77”x12’. Angle iron construction is used throughout with a 3”x3”x3/16” mainframe (2″x2″x3/16″ on “Basic” models), a 3″ channel tongue, and 2”x2”x1/8” top rails. A full width landscape gate is standard on all models. We offer three different levels of features. The “Basic” trailer line is just that. These trailer are fully equipped including DOT compliant lighting, but there are no “extras”. The “Standard” trailer line adds spring assist to help lift the gate, rubber mounted lighting in a tubing tail board, and steps front and rear of the fenders. The “Deluxe” models add, in additional to the standard features, radial tires and a sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lighting. A very popular Kaufman utility trailer version is the mesh-sides model. The side rails are 18” tall with expanded mesh sides. These utility trailers are ideal for hauling loose landscaping materials, such as bark mulch.

Tandem Axle Landscape Utility Trailers  are available in ratings from 6,000 to 17,000 GVWR. Standard lengths are 16’, 18’, and 20’, depending on the weight rating. Optional lengths go up to 32’ on the heavier utility trailers. Popular options include a gooseneck hitch and mesh sides. The 12,000 through 17,000 GVWR models comprise our heavy duty line, with these impressive features included as standard: a heavy duty, spring assist, split gate, channel iron frame with channel wrap around tongue and cross members, and 8 lug axles with 16” tires. There are two grades available – “Standard” and “Deluxe”. Standard models are well equipped. ALL of our best features are included in a great value package on the “Deluxe” models. These features are: heavy duty frame upgrades, heavy duty split spring assist gate, radial tires, a 12,000 lb. drop foot jack, toolbox with lockable lid, adjustable coupler, and a U.S. made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. The “Deluxe” landscape utility trailers are available only in 10,000, 15,000 and 17,000 GVWR models.

Wood Floor Flatbed Utility Trailers are available in a 16 ft. 7,000 GVWR, 18 ft. 8,000 GVWR, and a 20 ft. 10,000 GVWR model. Other lengths are available and any model can be chosen in “Standard” or “Deluxe” version. A treated wood floor and dovetail with slide in ramps, as well as stake pockets, a front stop bar, and swing up jack are always included on our flatbed utility trailers. Stepping up to the “Deluxe” models will add radial tires, a rub rail on the stake pockets, and a US made wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. Whether you are only an occasional user who needs an ATV trailer to haul a four-wheeler or a professional landscaper, you will find that Kaufman Trailers has the perfect utility trailer to fit your need.


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