Utility Axle TrailerKaufman Trailers is happy to announce a brand new axle option for trailers that use 7000 lb. capacity axles.  We now offer a Dexter brand heavy duty 7K axle that uses 5/8″ studs, and is fitted with a solid dish 17.5″ wheel, rated at 6000 lbs.  The tires are 215/75 R17.5 LRH 16 ply rated with a 4805 lb. weight rating.   This option provides a little extra peace of mind for customers who consistently meet the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of their trailer.  Other advantages include longer tread life, less wheel flex on tri-axle trailers, and more tolerance on hot roads or rugged terrain.  For current pricing visit our website, or call one of our knowledgeable sales consultants at 336-790-6880.  Kaufman Trailers is committed to offering products that are rugged, reliable, and affordable.  Please check this blog often for more product updates, or to leave a comment.