In the tough economic times we are currently facing, finding a trailer for less money is important. Gas prices are soaring, the cost of raw materials are increasing daily, tourism is down, and customers are not inclined to purchase or use your services as much as they would have a decade ago. So what are the factors that can help you find a trailer for less?

The first step in getting a trailer for less is to determine the exact hauling capacity you need. One of the major factors which can increase the cost of a trailer is its hauling capacity. “Over buying” a trailer is a common mistake made daily. At Kaufman Trailers, our customer service team has been individually trained to evaluate your hauling needs and match you to the perfect trailer for you. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by itself.

What Is Important When Considering Trailers?

Another consideration in getting a trailer for less is to consider the reputation and longevity of the company you are purchasing the trailer from. For example, you could possibly find a little better deal from a small local manufacturer, but you can’t really be certain of their building techniques, quality control, stability of the company, and availability of replacement parts. This, in turn, may lead you to have to purchase another trailer earlier than expected. So a true trailer for less needs to be able to offer reliability, support, and offer you the confidence the company will survive these tough economic times. Kaufman Trailers has been in business for over 20 years, certifies every trailer manufactured, and has a parts and warranty department to facilitate any after purchase needs you may have.

Getting a trailer for less also means maximizing gas mileage when your hauling your trailer. After all, what is the real value of a trailer if it costs twice as much to haul in fuel? At Kaufman Trailers, we never “over build” certain components. A good example would be “over building” the deck cross members on a given model. Kaufman closely regulates every trailer based on it’s GVWR certification. So the deck is optimized for the GVWR, as are the axles, the rest of the trailer. Every Kaufman Trailer is created as light weight and strong as possible, giving you higher over all hauling capacities and better gas mileage. Kaufman Trailers is proud that our deck failure ratio is almost non-existent and our customers enjoy better gas mileage and higher equipment hauling capacities. This is just one of many factors we implement to assure your trailer is cost-effective to purchase and use.

Kaufman Trailers Can Save You Money

Also consider why one given trailer may be more cost-effective than the others. For example, at Kaufman Trailers we leverage extreme buying power by purchasing materials in large quantities at a lower price. Kaufman also sells factory direct, meaning no dealer mark-ups or other hidden costs, making Kaufman truly the best trailer for the price. Kaufman Trailers is also one of the largest producers of trailers in the United States, so a lower cost trailer from another source is usually not built to Kaufman’s quality standards or it’s an old inventory item.

The last factor in getting a good trailer for less is looking for special offers. Kaufman Trailers now offers a website specials area that will give exclusive offers online. These offers are limited time/limited volume so be sure to check our specials often.

In closing, getting a true trailer for less involves a lot of factors beyond just the actual price of purchase and not making a good long-term decision can hurt the money you invest in your new trailer. Although every Kaufman Trailer is priced exceptionally, it’s longevity, support, and certification techniques truly make Kaufman the best overall purchase available