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Email from a customer:

Thank you Kaufman for a great transaction in purchasing my new 30ft flatbed gooseneck. I’ve only towed the trailer for about 400 miles, but I love the way this trailer pulls behind my 03′ F-250 4X4. I did have an issue with bad vibration but found out that the tire pressure was set at 99 […]

Three Way Tie: Broken by Rachel

Last week three different sales people sold nine trailers each.  This numerical tie was settled by comparing the dollar amount sold by each sales person.  Rachel Shrum was the winner at $82,295.  Congratulations, Rachel. Follow us on Twitter to see our future Employee Updates!

The Menu Keeps Growing

For many years, Kaufman’s equipment and skid steer trailers have been built with the cross members placed twenty-four inches on center.  This arrangement has worked well for us with virtually no frame warranty issues.  This week we added yet another customer-friendly option to the equipment, skid steer, and tilt deck trailers.  The customer may now upgrade to crossmembers […]

White trailer, anyone?

Here’s proof that we do get a little of the white stuff in North Carolina.  We average a couple storms per winter, with ice storms being the most common.  Temperatures rarely get below 30 degrees during the day, which means the snow seldom lasts beyond 48 hours.  This morning our local radio station had 109 school closings and delays due to the weather. […]