This product line is built specifically for loading skid steers, mini excavators, or rubber tracked loaders. The overall deck height is lower to the ground than our other equipment trailer models. Due to this lower deck height, skid steer trailers do not need a dovetail. Standard skid steer trailers have channel iron frame runners which lessens the usable deck width slightly. Deluxe skid steer trailers upgrade to angle iron frame runners which allow the full 82 in. of deck width to be used. While the space between the fenders is the same on both models, the usable deck width is affected. Check specification sheets for details.

Standard Skid Steer Trailers

Standard Skid Steer Trailers are available in both wood and diamond floor models. The frame runners are 6 in. channel with a channel wrap-around tongue. Four wheel brakes are standard. Additional value-added feature upgrades are also included. 1)  rubber mounted sealed beam lights in enclosed light boxes with skip spacing reflective tape  2) swing-up loading ramps that make loading equipment safe and easy. Standard models have ramps built with 3 in. channel ramp frame runners and 2x2x3/16 angle cleats. 3) steps on the fenders 4) a 2 5/16 in. adjustable coupler, 7,000 lb. drop foot jack, and stake pockets. The Standard Skid Steer Trailers is available in 7,000 through 14,000 GVWR’s and is a great value.

Deluxe Skid Steer Trailers

Deluxe trailers are available in wood or diamond floor versions and are available in 10,000, 15,000, or 17,000 GVWR’s. We upgrade the frame on Deluxe skid steers to 4 in. x 6 in. angle iron (4 in. x 7 in. on 17,000 GVWR) instead of the channel frame runners of the standard versions. Two braking axles, premium radial tires, and a channel wrap-around tongue are included. Additional value-added feature upgrades are – 1)  A U.S. made sealed modular wiring harness with rubber mounted LED sealed beam lights in enclosed light boxes and full reflective tape  2) swing-up loading ramps that make loading of equipment safe and easy. Deluxe models in 15,000 and 17,000 GVWR’s have ramps built with 4 in. channel ramp frame runners and 2x2x1/4 angle cleats for heavy duty use. 3) a toolbox with a lockable lid 4) stake pockets with rub rail as well as steps on the fenders. A 2 5/16 in. adjustable coupler and a 12,000 lb. drop foot jack are part of the package.

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