While it may seem that buying pre-owned items will be more affordable on a tight budget, that is not always the case. Often, used items require several repairs and replacements in the future, causing more expenses. 

Things To Check Before Buying a Used Trailer

A Kaufman trailer requires several components to be working in prime condition in order to operate safely. If even one component is compromised, it could affect the functionality of the entire system and put you in danger. When comparing the cost of a used trailer to one that is brand new, you should consider the following ten things:


Tires that are in good condition are essential to a Kaufman trailer’s operation. Be sure to look for cracks and plugged holes. Additionally, make sure that the tires are matching in size and have the correct capacity. Your tires have to be able to carry the load that you intend to haul on your trailer, so observe accordingly. It is better to ensure the tires are in good condition beforehand, as replacing them later on can easily cost you hundreds of dollars.


Brakes are integral to safety. Be certain to ask the seller about the break function on the axles. If possible, inspect the pads, shoes, drums, rotors, and magnets. 


Your trailer wheel bearings essentially carry the entire weight of your trailer. When inspecting a pre-owned Kaufman trailer make sure the bearings are lubricated and properly seated.


While inspecting, check the leaf springs and spring hangers. Any cracks or repairs indicate that the trailer has been overloaded in the past. They could also signal a shift in the axles due to a sudden impact with something on the ground. Purchasing a trailer with uneven axles is risky as it causes tire wear.


A cracked or repaired frame indicates that a trailer has been overloaded or built improperly. You’ll want to shy away from purchasing a trailer with such a frame as it’ll cause you inconvenience in the future. 

Electrical System

You’ll want a trailer with proper lighting. If the lighting does not work, inspect further as to why. If there’s a simple fix such as a loose bulb or screw, then it is not a big deal. However, if the cause is faulty wiring, you may have to spend unwanted money on repairs. 


While it may seem that a trailer’s floors are the simplest component to replace, that is not always the case. Replacing flooring involves extra material and labor. All of this will lead to added expenses.


While inspecting a trailer’s ramp make sure to check its length, width, strength, and straightness. You should also keep an eye out for any cracks or repairs that will need working on. The ramp should be designed to load any equipment the trailer is rated to carry, otherwise it has no useful function.

Previous Ownership

One of the most important things to check while buying pre-owned trailers is the previous ownership. Be sure the vehicle trailer is not stolen or borrowed. You can determine this by checking if the VIN is stamped on the trailer and matches all the previous paperwork. Accidentally purchasing a stolen vehicle will lead to unforeseen consequences for you in the future.


Many times used trailers can be priced very near to brand new ones. In such cases it might be in your best interests to buy a new trailer instead of a pre-owned trailer. The repairs and maintenance that a pre-owned trailer will cost can even exceed the price of a new one.

Brand New Trailers At Affordable Prices

While you may think you’re saving money by investing in a pre-owned trailer, the reality is you could have to pay much more in lifelong costs. It can be a hassle to thoroughly examine pre-owned trailers to ensure they will operate properly. 

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