Heavy Equipment Flatbed Triaxle TrailersKaufman Trailers Equipment Trailer line includes a wide variety of models. This article should help you understand our equipment trailer styles and uses better and give helpful information you can use to choose the most beneficial model for your needs.

First of all, we want to define “Equipment Trailer” as a trailer that has 1) fenders, 2) the floor sitting down in between the fenders, and 3) a loading system for your equipment that incorporates either swing-up loading ramps or a tilting floor. Other products that we offer also serve the same purpose of hauling equipment but are designated with a different name description. Products that fall under these other name descriptions include Flatbed Trailers and Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers. While these two families of trailers could technically be described as “Equipment Trailers” – if the floor is over the tires we refer to the trailer description with the “Flatbed” designation instead of “Equipment” designation.

With that in mind, we offer six different Equipment Trailer families. In each of these families we offer “Standard” and “Deluxe” models. The mainframe and running gear are always the same on a Standard or Deluxe model. Beyond that, there are significant differences. Deluxe trailers always add additional features that are packaged in a one-price deal. This offers great savings compared to pricing these options separately as a “mix and match” package. For the full list of six different Equipment Trailer families, refer to the Equipment Trailers homepage at KaufmanTrailers.com.

The following Equipment Trailer styles and uses give some suggestions for which type of Kaufman Equipment Trailer might work best for you.

  1. Equipment Trailers for Contractors and General Use – For an all-around trailer, you can’t beat our Standard or Deluxe Equipment Trailer. This model has an all-channel iron frame, with a dovetail and swing-up loading ramps. It is ideal to use for hauling a skid steer or mini-excavator. It is also easy to load palletized materials since the floor is even with the top of the frame. This is important for pulling the forks back out of a pallet of materials that have been set on the trailer. This model is offered in GVW ratings from 7,000 to 17,000 lb.
  2. Gooseneck Equipment Trailer – This is essentially the same trailer as described above. The difference is a gooseneck hitch, which allows the trailer and load to be pulled from the center of the truck bed instead of the back of the vehicle. This adds considerable carrying capability to the tow vehicle with a much-improved degree of towing safety.
  3. Skid Steer Trailer – The main difference in this model is that the floor sits down in the frame instead of being even with the top of the frame. The benefit of this is a lower loading height and there is a lip sticking up on each side of the trailer bed for an extra degree of safety as you load your machine.
  4. Tilt Equipment Trailers – This is Kaufman Trailer’s most popular product line. This trailer is very versatile. You can load palletized materials on the fixed front section, then load a piece of equipment on the tilting back section. There are no ramps to bother with and the entire loading process is much safer with the full width of the floor lowering to ground level for loading. As the equipment comes up on the bed and the center of gravity changes, the bed lowers back into the travel position. This transition is kept smooth with a damper cylinder that lowers the bed slowly.
  5. Gooseneck Tilt Equipment Trailer – Again, this is the gooseneck version of the same trailer as described above. The gooseneck hitch allows the trailer and load to be pulled from the center of the bed instead of the back of the vehicle. Because of this increased hitch load capacity, we offer longer, fixed floor sections in front of the tilting section. Again, additional carrying capability and improved safety while towing are the benefits gained.
  6. Gravity Tilt Equipment Trailer – This model is different in two ways from our regular equipment tilt trailers in that the floor sits down in the frame instead of being even with the top of the frame and the complete floor tilts instead of having a fixed front section in front of the tilting section. The main benefit is a shallower loading angle and the trailer is more maneuverable in tight working conditions where space is constricted. We also offer this model in a super – heavy duty version for hauling conventional forklifts.

Equipment Trailer Styles and Uses By Kaufman Trailers

If you looking for a superior equipment trailer, Kaufman has the perfect model to fit your needs. Most are also available in wood or diamond floors. Have additional questions about our products? Our customer service is always available! You can reach us by calling 866-455-744 or via KaufmanTrailers.com.

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