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And the winner is…

Rachel Shrum! Every week one hard-working salesperson receives the prestigious ‘Salesperson of the Week’ award.  This recognition is determined by who sells the greatest number of trailers for the previous week, and is accompanied with the honor of parking in a designated front-door spot.  Check back every Monday afternoon to see which salesperson is the […]

7K Axle Upgrade Now Available

Kaufman Trailers is happy to announce a brand new axle option for trailers that use 7000 lb. capacity axles. We now offer a Dexter brand heavy duty 7K axle that uses 5/8″ studs, and is fitted with a solid dish 17.5″ wheel, rated at 6000 lbs.

Looking To Get A Trailer for Less?

In the tough economic times we are currently facing, finding a trailer for less money is important. Gas prices are soaring, the cost of raw materials are increasing daily, tourism is down, and customers are not inclined to purchase or use your services as much as they would have a decade ago.