Kaufman Trailers specializes in car trailers. We offer a variety of car trailer models that will haul from one to six cars. We are especially known for our wedge car trailers. Go to any auto auction, and you will see more Kaufman wedge car trailers than any other brand. This car trailer model is both lightweight and durable, and owns 80% of the U.S. market. Our gooseneck car trailer and Mini5 car hauler trailer models are also very unique and fill a niche market. Their unique, lightweight, and yet durable designs are the essence of what Kaufman car trailers are about!!!

Car Trailers – Diamond Floor:  Our single car trailer models are available in 7,000, 8,000, and 10,000 GVW ratings and lengths ranging from 17’ to 25’. Channel frame construction, with channel wrap around tongue, provides a durable frame. All car trailers have diamond plate flooring, beveled front corners, swing up jack, d-rings, and a dovetail with slide in loading ramps.

Car Trailers – DELXUE Diamond Floor: Kaufman DELUXE car trailers combine popular features in a cost effective package including: stake pockets with rub rail, radial tires, and a U.S. made sealed wiring harness with lifetime LED lights. This model is a great car trailer investment!

Car Trailers – DELUXE Tilt: Available in both wood and diamond floor, our tilt car trailers come in 7,000, 8,000, and 10,000 GVW ratings and are only available in our fully equipped DELUXE package deal. The entire bed of this car trailer tilts to give the gradual loading angle necessary to haul low ground clearance sports cars.

Car Trailers – Two Car Haulers: Our two car trailers feature all channel iron construction with four main frame runners arranged in rigid frame design. This car trailer works well behind a pickup or roll back vehicle. This car trailer is also available with a gooseneck.

Car Trailers – Gooseneck: Our very popular gooseneck car trailer is available in two car and three car/two truck versions. This versatile car trailer is lightweight, yet durable. The floor is even with the top of the fenders, which allows the hauling of dually pickups, etc. with no fender clearance issues.

Car Trailers – Wedge Car Haulers: We built our first wedge car trailer in 1992. Continual improvements and two full redesigns are incorporated in our current wedge car trailers. The current model has extensive engineering, which provides the lightest, strongest, wedge car trailer for sale in the industry today!

Car Trailers – Double Deck Car Haulers: We offer three different double deck car hauler trailers: the EZ-4, Mini-5, and Max-6 multi car trailers. The EZ-4 and Mini-5 car hauler trailers can be pulled with a properly equipped pickup truck. The Max-6 car hauler trailer is for single or tandem axle fifth wheel-equipped tractors only.

Car Trailers – Golf Car Haulers: Kaufman offers two styles of golf car trailers: a flat gooseneck, 40’ version that will carry ten golf cars and a 50’ wedge version that will carry twelve golf cars. Both golf car trailer models have full mesh flooring, d-ring tie downs, and a full width, spring-assist loading gate. These special golf car trailer models are purpose built to make transport of golf cars safe and easy.

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